5 Photos ~ “You”

Trying to get back into blogging consistently.
I used to be part of series entitled Listable Life.
A simple 5 point list on Tuesday.
Sharing a few details into my world.

This blog is more about my daughter and her adventures.
But it’s also a journal of sorts for me.
Free therapy and reflection if you will.

So here’s to a more consistent reflection for me!!

Top 5 pictures that best describe me. . .

1. Faith is my CORE!

2. Disney FREAK!!

3. Halloween Birthday

4. Book-A-Holic… seriously need a 12 step program!!

5. Dr. Pepper is my addiction


The Baby Bank

Let me start by saying. . . God is good!!
He knows the plans He has for me.
With Him ALL things are possible!!

If you follow our blog much,
you know it’s been a struggle for us to add to our family.
You can read more about that here. . .

When I say God is good,
I’m not just blowing smoke.
Or saying it to make myself fell better…
(although, somedays that is true).
It’s what I believe with all my heart!

My best friend and I are both traveling on unexpected paths
when it comes to expanding our families.
It’s such a comfort to know there’s someone out there…
who knows what it’s like to yearn for something you can’t have!

One of the MANY things I’ve learned this year
is that whatever option you choose. . .
adoption or fertility treatments
. . . it’s not a walk in the park!!

We were so blessed with Mercedes.
One procedure and we accomplished our goal.
This time not so much!!

Not only does it (your family expansion option) take it’s toll emotionally…
(which I can honestly I have experienced and am seeing a counsler for)
Someday I can share that with you. . . but not just yet.
I haven’t processed it all myself.

Anyway. . .

Not only does it take it’s toll emotionally…
but financially too!

Again God is good!
Jim and I both have a brain.
and a pretty smart one at that!

Jim is blessed with a GREAT job.
Which pays for the lifestyle we choose.
We both have insurance.
Which helps pay for things to keep us healthy.
what I didn’t know is that it doesn’t cover “difficult family expansion”.
There’s no clause for that!

So for the plan we’re on each month…
at least 3 ultrasounds
at least 3 lab draws
at least 4 doctors visits
…we pay it all out of pocket!!

I’m explaining all of this, so that you know…
when you purchase Tastefully Simple Products
or bags from Thirty One Gifts
You’re not just buying stuff…
You’re helping buy us a baby!!

Thank you for your continued prayers of support!

Thank you for your words of encouragement!

Thank you for not asking “how’s it going”!

And I’ll close with a reminder. . .
God is good!!
He knows the plans He has for me.
With Him ALL things are possible!!

Random Pictures

My computer crashed last month.

Only by God’s grace was everything backed up.

I thought, YIPPEEE!!

Little did I know what it means to restore a back up.

You see, I file things on my computer the same way I file them at home…

A pile here, a pile there.

Move this pile here, move that pile there.

Put this pile with that pile, and then move them back again.

Did you know that your back up keeps ALLLLLLLLLL those files????

No wonder my back up drive was full.

I had three files with the same stuff in them, in three or four different places.

Note to self: Do a better job with your computer filing system than you do your paper one!

The treasure I found though. . .

All the random photos you’ve seen in this post.

What a joy to go back and revisit so many old memories.

I really need to get those pictures off my computer and into a book!!

Faces in the Rock

We spent Father’s Day weekend up at Mount Rushmore.

This is one of my top five most favorite places in our country.

Four great men, immortalized on a mountain as a symbol of the many great men who have served our country as president.

George is my favorite.

There was 500 head of buffalo in the park when we drove through.

SO FUN!  For my girl to get to see so many BIG buffalo.

The kids had fun playing in the campground.

No TV, phones, or computers, for 48 hours!

They got dirty!!  And it was GREAT!!

We made all my favorite camping foods.

I read an entire book.

Slept in a sleeping bag.

It’s was GREAT!!

5 Things

5 Things on your To-Do List…

1.  Disney Dream Scrapbook ~ I have been working on it… but it’s REALLY slow… so many other things take up my time.  And I have to be in a creative mojo mood… and I need like 2 hours at a time to get on a roll and be productive.  IT WILL GET DONE before it’s time for New Years 2013.  🙂  That’s my goal.  🙂

2.  Exercise!  This is ALWAYS on my to do list.  I did a REALLY good job this fall.  Winter hit and I don’t want to do anything!  ?Now it’s spring and I’m ready again.  Summer is easier… I can swim outdoors.  I hate to be cold.  I have a bag of gym clothes in my car, so there’s no excuses.  Yet, still I find an excuse.

3. Put away the laundry.  It gets washed… just never gets folded and put away.  Sometimes I really good at getting it done… but mostly it just sits in the laundry basket and I pull things out to wear and they end up back in the dirty clothes.  🙂  Oh to have a laundry folding fairy!  I coveted Kate Gosseling’s (from John & Kate +8) laundry folding fairy.  I don’t think Jim would think getting 8 kids is worth the price of having a laundry fairy.  🙂

4.  Create a business plan, workflow procedures, and pricing guide for my photography business.  I’m the artist… I work in the right side of my brain.  All that is stuff that comes out of the left side of the brain.  It’s PAINFUL for me to think about, but it will make this adventure a more profitable, fulfilling, and generous experience.

5.  Be a yes mom!  This is something I learned while I was devouring parenting books in the first year of Mercedes’ life.  I am a selfish, selfish woman.  As I type this, my daughter is sitting on my lap because she just wants to be with me.  I need to shut it down… shut it off… and spend time with her.  And by it I mean ANYTHING else I want or should be doing.


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5 Things

5 Jobs I’ve Done

1. McDonald’s Fry Cook ~ Lunch rush MASTER!  While it was not the greatest paying job in the world… there are days when I want to go back to having my only responsibility be to ask “Do you want fries with that?”

2. Dance Teacher ~ That would be my official title, but my real job was cat herder.  Do you know what it takes to get 3 and 4 year olds on and off the big stage at the Lincoln Center???  No really, this was one of my most favorite jobs.  Teaching kids to sing and dance.  It was awesome!!

3. Desk Sitter ~ In college I sat at the desk in the lobby of the dorm to make sure members of the opposite sex checked in and out.  Without this job I would not have survived college.  Remember I’m a home body… therefore my room was my preference for hangout spots.  Although, it’s a little hard to get to know anyone in college if you hang out in your room.  🙂  I also met my best friend while desk sitting.  We would keep each other company.  Niki and I are both movie watchers… if we had nothing planned, we planned on staying in and holding down the fort.  GREAT memories desk sitting at Altman Hall!!

4. Copy Clerk ~ The basement of the Admission Building held the copy and mail room for campus.  I LOVED this job.  Professors would come in and leave their orders for copies to be made for class.  Students could come place orders for copies.  My boss spent most of the time at his desk… which was fine by me.  I loved doing projects for professors and students.  Again, there are days when Kinko’s seems like the perfect fit for me.  Alas, they are never hiring when I’m looking.

5. Teacher ~ Since the time I was small I have been a teacher.  Whether teaching my stuffed animals, children, or adults.  Teaching is my gift from above.  I’ve always loved school.  I love learning new things and sharing this knowledge with anyone who will listen.  May is coming up… it’s Teacher Appreciation Month.  THANK YOUR Teachers.  They don’t do it for the money… they do it because they’re passionate.  A little encouragement and kind words will go ALONG way!!


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Happy Easter!!

He has RISEN!

He has RISEN indeed ALLELUIA!!

He has RISEN!

He has RISEN indeed ALLELUIA!!


Yesterday we went to church for the Easter EGGstravaganza!

It was our first attendance and we will be repeating!

The Illusionist that did the pre-egg hunt show was GREAT!

He finished his presentation with the Gospel Message. . . complete with illusions!

There was music, worship, and the Easter Bunny!!

It was very cool.

Then it was off to the egg hunt.

There were different sections for different ages. 

Daddy talked strategy before the whistle blew…
Mercedes let it go in one ear and out the other!  

She’s so my KID!  🙂

Considering it was her first public Egg Hunt,

my girl did GREAT!

No fear of all the people. . .

no worries about being rushed. . .

calm cool and collected.

I was so proud!

Baby Girl has a blast hunting eggs.

If you look below, you’ll see that she was a little picky about the eggs she picked up.

Daddy pointed out all kinds of eggs, but she would have nothing to do with them.

Such a mathematician.  

She’s sorting already!!


Such a fun day!!

Just the beginning of our celebration of Jesus’ saving grace!

 Remember friends. . . 

It’s not about the eggs, or the chocolate, or the bunny. . .

Easter is about the POWER of the cross!

Easter is about the SAVING grace found in Jesus’ love!

Easter is about new life and life eternal with Him!!

Happy Easter, from our house to yours!!