Throwin’ Rocks

Totally missed posting this fun intermission
in our Gran’parent Photo Shoot back in April.

If you missed the post about our Photo Session…
head over to McPix Photography Blog!

Mercedes wanted to take a turn as photographer.

She posed us all …
then gave directions …
and pushed the shutter …
then told Gran’ma, Gran’pa, and I …
what to do so she could be in a few pictures …
again, giving directions …
and telling us how to pose.

After awhile she got tired of the photo session

and wanted to just be a kid.

Gran’pa agreed!

It was time to throw some rocks into the river!!!

Sometimes it’s not the PIXELS from a photo session
that bring the memories,
but the out takes, behind the scenes,
the Memories captured during the photo session!

Playin’ Hide ‘n Seek

One of Mercedes’ favorite things to do,
is play hide and seek from me.

She knows how to get Mommy to play with her…
involve the camera!

She so runs around trying not to get caught.

It’s fun for her!

It’s fun for me!

It makes playing at the playground and park fun for both of us!!

5 Things ~ You Do Well

5 Things You Do Well

5 ~ I’m creative. ~ Creative in the classroom, creative in decorating my home, creative in parenting, Creative!

4 ~ Relaxing.  Be lazy!  Enjoying myself!  Procrastinating.  I’m SOOOOO good at relaxing!!

3 ~ Capturing HIS beauty in PIXELS!  It is my gift.  My gran’ma Franny paints… My Great-Uncle turns rocks into gems… I show off God’s CREATIVITY in pictures!

2 ~ Being silly!  I truly don’t think I will ever grow up.  I can act like a grown up, but I’m truly happy when I’m silly!  🙂

1 ~ Trusting in HIS promises!  Even when I’m doubting, I’m reminding myself that HIS plan is better than mine.  HIS love for me is greater than anyone’s love me.  HE will ALWAYS be my rock!!

5 Things ~ My Happy Place

5 Things That Take Me To My Happy Place

#1… My God & Creator!!
While I’m a take charge kinda girl…
HE is in the drivers seat of the car I called LIFE!

While letting go of my plan is NEVER easy…
HIS plan is ALWAYS better than ANYTHING I could come up with!!!

#2… THIS MAN!!
While he constantly drives me nuts…
He always takes care of me!

While he is the root of many of my grey hairs…
He knows just what I need and when I need it!!

While he continuously nags me about the bank account…
He spoils me to no end!!!

While she constantly hangs on my leg…
I miss her SOOOO much when she’s not around!

While she has plenty of attitude and drama…
She is MY drama queen and bring sunshine to my EVERY DAY!!

While I love the life I’ve been given…
Sometimes you need to escape to another time and places.

While I try to live in the moment everyday…
Without pictures, I wouldn’t be able to relive my favorite memories!!

Fun @ the Neighbor’s House

Late this summer,
Mercedes went to the neighbor’s house all by herself for the first time.
She had a blast!

After that first time, she was hooked.
My little independent girl!

One evening, the neighbors wanted pictures of
them jumping on the tramp.

I can’t pass up the chance to play with my camera!
Mercedes thought it was cool to jump for Mommy…
Of course, because the big girls thought it was cool.

Mercedes had fun… check!
Mommy had fun… check!
Fun outside at the neighbor’s… PRICELESS!!