The first soccer game was almost a month ago!

Wow!  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Mercedes had her own entourage at the game.
(see the bottom right picture)

Our little soccer fan spent most of the game playing defense.
She looked like a mini-Drew Moore …
hangin’ back …
Cheering on her teammates …
and protecting that goal!

At the end of the game,
she did score twice.
Once was an assist from another teammate.
The second was a Break-away from the other side of the field.

Daddy was so proud!!
He even got a little teary!


Rapids & the Fourth

The Colorado Rapids play on the 4th each year.

This year, Aunt Kenzie joined us for the game.

We got to sit on the sideline while the players warmed-up.
Mercedes enjoyed dancing in the grass barefoot.

While sitting on the sideline
we were asked if we would help hold the flag
during the national anthem.

It was so fun!
What an honor!!
On the Fourth, to help salute our country.
Gives me chills just thinking about it!

After the game is always a GREAT fireworks show!!

We got to sit on the field.

It was so fun!

Again, after the fireworks …
Mercedes enjoyed running around barefoot on the field.

Uncle Matt kept chasing her.
She loved it!!
Barefoot of course!!

Thanks Drew Moor

So we all know that my daughter LOVES . . .

. . . soccer . . .

. . . attention . . .


Drew Moor from the Colorado Rapids!!

The last game of the season was this weekend.

We made some special signs for Drew.

Mercedes would really like it if Drew came to her birthday party.

So we made a sign to invite him.

Don’t worry, Mommy has been coaching her that he probably won’t come.

We also made a sign to let him know
that even though she is turning four. . .

#3 is still her favorite.

(Totally her words, by the way, not mine)

It was so fun!

We got to the game early to watch warm-ups.
(Daddy was in heaven… we NEVER get to the games for warm-ups).

Just before they went into the locker room before the game,
Drew came over to where we were holding our signs and
gave Cede a big hug and a high five.

Then after the game,
we waited around for him to sign her sign.

Other players signed it too.

But she couldn’t wait for DREW to sign it. . .
(see video below)

He asked what her name was and
how to spell it.

He took pictures with her.

It was the most precious thing!!

Rapids Fun!!

This year’s Rapids Season Ticket Holder event was held at the field.

It was a great time. . . Mascot Soccer Games. . .

Locker Room Tours. . .

The highlight was the game of “Corn Hole”… Chuck-O… with DREW MOOR!!

Mercedes has a thing for Drew Moor. . . She wants him to call Aunt Carol.  🙂

Drew was so nice.  He even let Mercedes throw all the bean bags.

He signed her Jersey and gave her high fives.

Then it was time for the warm up course. . .

And last but not least, they unveiled the new jersey for next year.

All the season ticket holders’ names are woven into the fabric.

We’re on there somewhere!  🙂

Drew was the model!  Cede was in heaven!!

4th of July Favs

The Colorado Rapids put on an AWESOME fireworks show.

Our state has had a horrible summer when it comes to fire,
so many fireworks shows were cancelled.

The Rapids Stadium provides the perfect venue for works,
as there’s a field behind the stadium and then
lots of highways, and man made fire borders.

We won’t talk about the game. . .

But the fireworks were EXCELLENT!!

They open up the field for the fireworks.

Mercedes remembered that from last year and
was SUPER excited to walk on the grass.

Happy Birthday America!!

Thank to those who fight and serve to keep us free!

To the leaders of this great nation, past, present, and future. . .


I am proud to be an American!

Soccer Guys!!

Mercedes got Daddy season tickets to the
Rapids games last year for Christmas.

As season ticket holders,
we get invited to the Season Ticket Holder Party.

We went this year. . .and had a BLAST!!

It got loud for Baby Girl… she spent most of the night with her ears plugged.

Turn your speakers down for this one… the sound is HORRIBLE!