Related… Um I think so!

So this is what happens to these two dark haired babies make babies…

This is what 3 generations of dark haired girls looks like…



The first soccer game was almost a month ago!

Wow!  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Mercedes had her own entourage at the game.
(see the bottom right picture)

Our little soccer fan spent most of the game playing defense.
She looked like a mini-Drew Moore …
hangin’ back …
Cheering on her teammates …
and protecting that goal!

At the end of the game,
she did score twice.
Once was an assist from another teammate.
The second was a Break-away from the other side of the field.

Daddy was so proud!!
He even got a little teary!

Summer Recap ~ Swimming

We spent LOTS of time at the pool this summer.
Mostly in the evenings… weird, I know.
But it’s my favorite way to do the pool!

Dinner at the pool!!
We even got Gran’pa in the pool once!!
Mercedes has Gran’pa wrapped around her finger!

Daddy likes to meet us at the pool.
It’s fun to watch them play together.
I did spend lots of time watching towards the end of the summer.
It got hard to get out of the pool. 🙂

Mercedes got braver and braver.
So cool to see the progression.

One of our last times at the pool was the last night swim.
Mercedes was soooooooo excited!!
“We have to stay when it’s really dark mom!”
“We’re going to swim with the lights on!”
It was a cold day, so Mommy didn’t get in…
But Gran’ma did!!

So fun to watch!!
(videos below)

I love watching her little legs move.

Yes, please!!

Every morning …
Mercedes says … Where’s Daddy???
I respond … He’s at work.
Mercedes shrugs and says … Why Daddy always at work???
My response varies between …
So we can pay for our house.
So you can go to school.
So we can eat good food.
So you can have pretty dresses.
So Mommy can stay home with you.
So we can go on vacation.