Hide ~n~ Seek

As you know, I am a consultant for 31 Gifts.

We are a Christian company that sells organization solutions…
AKA Purse, bags, totes, and FUN STUFF!!

I recently got one of our new products…
The Room for Two Utility Tote.

Mercedes found a GREAT use for it…

Hide ~ n ~ Seek!!

It’s also a great stuffie storage bin!

And works wonders in keeping my blanket addiction under control.


My FAVORITE 31 bag



My family already calls me the bag lady.

I have tried HUNDREDS of bags.

This is the bag that started it all!!


The Organizing Utility Tote!

What appealed to me was the outside pockets.

I carry a water bottle with me everywhere,
and my travel mug with my chai tea in the mornings.

count them 1*2*3*4*5*6*7…
outside pockets, how could I go wrong right?!

I bought 4 site unseen (other than online).

I loved them so much,
I gave one to my sister and one to my mom,
to “borrow” for our New Year’s vacation last year.
I never got them back!

During the school year…
when I’m running from school to school two days a week. . .
The Organizing Utility Tote becomes my mobile office. . .
carrying my files, binders, and laptop.

During the summer…
I’ve toted it to and from the pool.
…the gym.
… the library.
… the park.

We have one that stays packed for when we go to soccer games.
No more searching for blankets, snacks, wipes, or scarves.

If I had had this when I was teaching…

Pockets for my grading pens to STAY PUT!
The mesh pockets on the end are PERFECT for my paperclip collections!!
Inside is large enough to hold a portable file box.
Which would hold my gradebook, papers to grade, and lesson plans.

Oh heaven on earth!!

How can you use the Organizing Utility Tote????

The Baby Bank

Let me start by saying. . . God is good!!
He knows the plans He has for me.
With Him ALL things are possible!!

If you follow our blog much,
you know it’s been a struggle for us to add to our family.
You can read more about that here. . .

When I say God is good,
I’m not just blowing smoke.
Or saying it to make myself fell better…
(although, somedays that is true).
It’s what I believe with all my heart!

My best friend and I are both traveling on unexpected paths
when it comes to expanding our families.
It’s such a comfort to know there’s someone out there…
who knows what it’s like to yearn for something you can’t have!

One of the MANY things I’ve learned this year
is that whatever option you choose. . .
adoption or fertility treatments
. . . it’s not a walk in the park!!

We were so blessed with Mercedes.
One procedure and we accomplished our goal.
This time not so much!!

Not only does it (your family expansion option) take it’s toll emotionally…
(which I can honestly I have experienced and am seeing a counsler for)
Someday I can share that with you. . . but not just yet.
I haven’t processed it all myself.

Anyway. . .

Not only does it take it’s toll emotionally…
but financially too!

Again God is good!
Jim and I both have a brain.
and a pretty smart one at that!

Jim is blessed with a GREAT job.
Which pays for the lifestyle we choose.
We both have insurance.
Which helps pay for things to keep us healthy.
what I didn’t know is that it doesn’t cover “difficult family expansion”.
There’s no clause for that!

So for the plan we’re on each month…
at least 3 ultrasounds
at least 3 lab draws
at least 4 doctors visits
…we pay it all out of pocket!!

I’m explaining all of this, so that you know…
when you purchase Tastefully Simple Products
or bags from Thirty One Gifts
You’re not just buying stuff…
You’re helping buy us a baby!!

Thank you for your continued prayers of support!

Thank you for your words of encouragement!

Thank you for not asking “how’s it going”!

And I’ll close with a reminder. . .
God is good!!
He knows the plans He has for me.
With Him ALL things are possible!!

My new Business ~ 31 Gifts

As a most of the time stay at home mom,
I’m finding that I need a way to get out and meet people,
build relationships, and save for our Baby Bank Account.
Really I just need an excuse to have people over! 🙂

I joined 31 Gifts because of the meaning behind the name…
Proverbs 31 ~ The Virtuous Women.
I’ve spent the summer doing a personal Proverbs 31 study.
I was looking through an old catalog while watching TV one night,
(I needed another Organizing Tote, because the other 4 I have all had stuff in them)
And read about the foundation of the company.
I was hooked!!

MY purpose for joining 31 was
to learn more about how to celebrate and encourage
the AMAZING women in my life!!

I used to be able to
run across the hallway…
stop by unannounced on my way home from school…
Bring in a diet coke (w/ a splash of regular) as an afternoon pick me up…
Talk on the phone while I drove 45 minutes to get home…
to celebrate and encourage the women in my life.

I don’t get to do that anymore.
Mercedes wants to play the MINUTE the phone rings.
Many of my women are not within “unannounced” visitation radius.
And they certainly are not across the hallway anymore.

From the 31 Mission Statement
The name Thirty-One is derived from the Old Testament,
where Proverbs 31 describes a virtuous woman who exhibits
hard work,wisdom, encouragement and care for others.
Because of these qualities she is worthy of reward, honor and praise.
It is our intention to celebrate, encourage and reward women
for who they are as individuals.
Through God’s strength, we’ve built a family of individuals who are committed to
providing women with a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding experience,
whether as a Customer, a Hostess or a Consultant.

Check out our great products.

Perfect for your home, your office or on the go!!
I’ll feature different products every now and again.

Call me if you’d like to host a party (I’ll bring the food)!!

Or if you have any questions!

Thanks for helping me reach my goal of 31 orders in 31 days!