Learnin’ to Ice Skate

Aunt Carol and Gran’pa Marty taught Mercedes
how to Ice Skate Easter weekend.

No one would let Mommy get on the ice.
Something about a baby in her tummy. 🙂

So she took pictures and videos.
(don’t miss the videos)



By the end of the weekend,
she really had the hang of it!!

She can’t wait to skate with Mommy next year,
“while Daddy holds BooYah!”

I’m not sure who had more fun…


Aunt Carol…




Just next to the snow castle,
was the perfect sledding hill for our little snow bunny!

Oh boy did she have fun!!

Her hat slid down over her eyes every time.

But that didn’t matter!

I think she would have stayed up there all day!

Don’t miss the video below…

Then it was Auntie Carol’s turn…

Don’t miss the video below…

Mommy was in charge of pictures.

No sledding or skating this year for her.

Thanks, Baby BooYah!!  🙂

Gran’ma also had her camera,
so at least we know Mommy was there.

Post-Dinner Show

Most nights we have a pre or post Dinner performance.

Here is a Post-Dinner Show
see the video below…

The Youth Group at our church just finished
their Spring Production/Fundraiser.

I had the honor of attending some of the rehearsals.
Mercedes got to come with me.

She watched in awe as those youth sang and danced their hearts out.

Then we got home and had to find the songs,
so she could sing and dance.


Happy New Year!!

Mercedes was blessed with wimps for parents.

Mommy and Daddy are stay – at – home kinda folks.

But Mommy likes to FUN at home.

For New Year’s Eve, we had a SNOWBALL fight…

I knew that recycled paper would come in handy!

We crunched a bunch of paper into balls.

Set up two buckets of “ammo.”

And used the couch as our fort lines.

(don’t miss the video below)

Now THAT is how you celebrate New Years!  🙂

We also made fondue in the crocpot.

Cheese and Chocolate.

Mommy spent years skiing and eating fondue for New Year’s Eve.

Fondue will definitely be a Wilson New Year’s Eve Tradition!!

We’ll add some other fun games to our SNOWBALL fight!

Snowball Fight

We were blessed with a WHITE Christmas this year!

Super fun!  SOOOOOO cold!

Cede and I braved the chill one afternoon.

She wanted to build a snowman.

Well… in middle of building a snowman…

Well… you should just tune into the video below…

I can NOT get enough of that giggle!

She has the best belly laugh!