Princess Fashion Show

We go hang out at Gran’ma Cheryl’s every other Monday.

A few weeks ago, Mercedes took some of her princess dresses.

I got to go to a Princess fashion show!!

It was GREAT!

I sat on the porch, holding Londyn.

Mercedes changed her clothes in the house.

Then came out on the porch and showed off her dress.

she even let me take pictures!!

And posed for me!!!

It was super cute!


Passing down …

… a summer tradition!

One of my favorite things growing up
was eating dinner at the pool!

Dad would meet us there …
we usually ordered pizza …
swam while Mom and Dad watched.

Well, we’ve continued the tradition with our little threesome.

Only difference is Daddy gets in the pool.
Sometimes Mommy does,
just depends on how cold it is and how tired BooYah has made her!

Daddy stops by home to change into his suit.
Mercedes and I come from school or errands or where ever.
We’ve packed dinner… Had McDonald’s… and Pizza!

As my aunt and uncle would say …
We’re just Makin’ Memories!!

Spring Cleaning & My Wedding Dress

I did some Spring cleaning…

Mostly cleaning out the “Mickey Room” to get ready for BooYah!

All my Halloween costumes, old prom dresses, etc.
were hanging in the closet.

Mercedes was GREAT “help”!

She had to try them on.  🙂

It was cute … for a while.

Then she asked where my wedding dress was …

We went into my closet and got that down.

She wanted to try it on too.

Well first she wanted me to put it on…
I said BooYah was in the way…
so she said… Then I’ll try it on!

She chatted … giggled … and loved every minute of it.

It was fun to watch her expressions.

Silly Mom and Dad didn’t have her look at herself in the mirror.

But that’s what the back of the camera is for, right?!?!?

Playin’ at School

Mercedes goes to the BEST preschool!!

I have the honor of subbing at the school.

This spring, I had a regular stint in the Jr.K classroom.

My lead teacher in that room was AMAZING!

I say was because she moved to Oregon this week.

One of my favorite things about my lead teacher
was her knowledge of Early Childhood and what her kids needed!

In the afternoons, on nice days,
we’d go out to the grassy field and let the kids run!

They LOVED it!

They would at least an hour out there …
searching for “snake holes” …
playing in the dirt …
running from one end to the other …
just being kids!

No structure.
No rules,
other than stay in the boundries.

Sometimes Mercedes was able to join us.
It was so fun to watch her run free!

Makes me wish I didn’t have to count noses
and could get my hands dirty, too!

Playground @ Gran’pa’s School

May is my least favorite month.

It’s busy … emotional … and just busy!

This May was no exception.

The end of a school year is hard.

Trying to wrap up everything that needs to be taught …

While trying not to get spring fever yourself …

as the kids are climbing the walls …

Anticipating a new year …

Saying goodbye to this one …

UGH!  May!

I helped my sister with some of her end of the school year projects.

Mercedes LOVED it because …

Well, she’s an extrovert and loves being around people.

And she got to play on the playground.

(Yes, that’s the Belle Dress).

Did you think I was kidding?!!?

She wore it everywhere!!

Anyway …

We hung out at Auntie and Gran’pa’s school a few times.

I took pictures of students …

Mercedes’ played …

I did put my foot down a few times …

and said the Belle Dress had to stay in the car …

It had become a distraction.

And May doesn’t need any help with distractions!!!

I guess I can’t totally hate May this year because …

I did get to capture these pictures!