Who’s Who???

Which one is which child???


Summer Recap ~ Swimming

We spent LOTS of time at the pool this summer.
Mostly in the evenings… weird, I know.
But it’s my favorite way to do the pool!

Dinner at the pool!!
We even got Gran’pa in the pool once!!
Mercedes has Gran’pa wrapped around her finger!

Daddy likes to meet us at the pool.
It’s fun to watch them play together.
I did spend lots of time watching towards the end of the summer.
It got hard to get out of the pool. 🙂

Mercedes got braver and braver.
So cool to see the progression.

One of our last times at the pool was the last night swim.
Mercedes was soooooooo excited!!
“We have to stay when it’s really dark mom!”
“We’re going to swim with the lights on!”
It was a cold day, so Mommy didn’t get in…
But Gran’ma did!!

So fun to watch!!
(videos below)

I love watching her little legs move.

Summer Recap ~ Soccer

Mercedes is signed up for soccer this fall.
She’s on a team with three of the boys from her school.
We call the team…
Mercedes and the boys!  🙂

She has spent some time practicing this summer.
Practicing looks JUST like the Rapids Warm-up.
She even tries to do the sideways run.

Before we had her soccer uniform… she wore Rapids clothes.

She had her first practice the end of August.
Mommy wasn’t ever sure she wanted to be a soccer mom…
But it’s SO FUN!!  🙂

They took a water break and she took a drink…
the promptly spit out her water.
“Mom it’s just practice” she said to me.
It took me a minute to figure out where she learned to spit water…
Thank you DREW MOOR & the Colorado Rapids!  🙂

Mercedes didn’t want practice to be over!!
It was cute!

Picture from their first game coming soon!!

Summer Recap ~ Dance

My girl is a DANCER!!

She has had great rhythm since the day she was born.

Last summer we signed up for a tot dance class.
But the didn’t really leearn many dances.

This summer we signed up at a new studio.
A studio that teaches real technique.
A studio with rules about dress, hair, and participation.

Mommy loved it!!

The videos below were taken in the lobby through the window.

Ballet and Tap.  OMGoodness!!
Her little bun in her hair.
The Leo and slippers.
The cuteness was overflowing!!!

Mercedes went to dance twice a week
for four weeks.

In just that short time, she improved!

She has more control, purpose, and thoughtfulness when she dances now.