Summer Fun!

So I made a promise to myself two years ago when I start pursuing photography as more than a hobby… That I wouldn’t let it interfere with my personal photo editing, sharing, and enjoying… Yeah… I’ve broken that promise several times in the past two years… this fall being one of them.

I finished up my client work this week and
finally got around to framing our adventures at Elitches’ back in AUGUST!!

Mercedes had a GREAT time!

She wanted to ride all the rides…

but our poor little pipsqueak was too small for much more than Kiddieland!

Notice how she won’t look at the camera in the picture below.

Yup!  That’s her game.  I’ve ruined her!  🙂

And then there was the Crazy Bus.

she is my little dare devil.  🙂


See her hand hanging out there to wave to me?!?!

The kiddie land version of the tea cups was cute…

Paint cans.  🙂

Didn’t take Mercedes long to know what the signal was for all clear and ready to ride.

Thumbs up!  Let’s GO!!

We rode all the kiddie rides she wanted.

Then we walked around looking for rides our little munchkin was tall enough to ride.

There were only a few.

Mommy and Mercedes rode the Tilt-a-whirl THREE times!

She is sooooooo much like her mommy and Gran’ma Cheryl!

Bring on the roller-coasters!  🙂

While standing in line, we watched the people on the log ride get DRENCHED with water while they walked across the bridge.

Mercedes wanted to go up on the bridge and see what it was like.

I talked to her about getting super wet, but she insisted.

So I sent her with her dad.


She was NOT A FAN of that.

Mommy calls this a natural consequence.  🙂

She did think it was funny that her clothes were “peeing” on the ground.

There you have it… our final summer outing!  🙂

Super fun!

Every time we go to Denver now, Mercedes asked to go on the rides.

Kids are so fun!!


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